Site Last Updated: May 2023


Wistariantale Fabio of Housemaines

Our beautiful boy from Italy has arrived. Gorgeous and very sweet, Hopefully he will produce some nice babies in the near future.

Housemaines The Full Monty

Monty is a beautiful brown tabby with high white. He was just born in December 2020, so he will become one of my stud boys in 2022 after he passes all of his medical tests. He is a very sweet boy who starts to purr the minute you put your hand on him.

IW SGC MTNest Terracotta Warrior


“Terry” came to us from Judy and David Bernbaum in Philedelphia. He is a beautiful boy who is full of affection and the bonus is that he loves to show. He won his international win as 6th best kitten 2018/2019.

Champion Noracoons Rob Roy of Housemaines

Rob Roy flew over from England (2 very long flights) under the seat in front of me and was the perfect traveller. He is from a wonderful breeder and judge Phillipa Holmes. This red silver and white boy should add lots of interesting colour combinations to the breeding program.